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Trimble Mixed Reality Headset Now Offers Workflows for Layout

“For people doing the 'survey dance' this is a significant process improvement.”  Nathan Patton, Applications Engineer l Trimble

Walking a job site with a total station in tow to perform layouts can be a time-consuming task, if only because getting survey locations just right can come down to juggling a tablet and a prism pole at the same time.

Trimble—which already offers the XR10, a hardhat-mounted Microsoft HoloLens 2 mixed-reality headset for QA/QC and visualization tasks—is now developing a HoloLens integration for its popular FieldLink software. The layout system typically involves a total station paired with a tablet, but now these tasks can be done through the holographic visor of an XR10 headset, controlled entirely through the user’s gaze and hand gestures...READ FULL ARTICLE


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