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The Construction Buyers Guide to Augmented Reality

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As an AEC professional, you understand how important it is to interpret design intent correctly, in the context of the actual site. Whether you're working on a civil engineering project, a new build, or a renovation, your ability to help all stakeholders visualize the 2D drawings or 3D models is key to effective planning and construction. It is equally important to be able to undertake simple field tasks such as taking measurements or conceptualizing designs on the fly easily, accurately and fast. But if stakeholders are unable to visualize the design, it can lead to a number of problems. For example, lack of visualization and inaccurate measurements can result in confusion and mistakes that in turn cause schedule delays and costly rework. Even though rework is a known problem in construction, it can be a financially devastating one if teams struggle to understand the project or how their piece of it will fit with the rest, and don't get the answers they need before construction begins. Without a way to visualize a project in its real-world context, workers could also end up in harm's way by accidentally striking underground utilities or encountering other unforeseen hazards on the worksite. This is a serious problem that significantly impacts the safety of onsite crews. Over the past two decades, utility strikes have resulted in over $1 billion in property damage, over 1,900 injuries, and over 400 deaths. 3 Finally, lack of visualization and faulty calculations and quantifications can also cause communication breakdowns that can create undue conflicts not just between internal project teams but also with external project stakeholders, such as owners, investors, community members, and public officials. It's an expensive problem that costs the U.S. billions every year. Rework is estimated to account for 30% of the work performed on construction projects 1 and 12- 15% of total costs. 2

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