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eBook - Avoid the hidden dangers in construction

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Every new construction project is like an adventure. It can be exciting and rewarding to help bring the vision of a new structure, building, or renovation project to life. But like all journeys, there are often dangers along the way. There are ongoing risks in the construction business that can work against you if you're not staying in front of them, like: • Tight margins • Poor productivity • Schedule delays • Rework, RFIs, and change orders Fortunately, new and better tools and improved ways of doing things make it possible for construction teams to manage and minimize these risks. Building information modeling (BIM) software, 3D project models, and field technology tools are improving project coordination, collaboration, efficiency, visualization, and more. While not everyone is using these tools, those who do are reaping the benefits. They're seeing firsthand how technology isn't something to avoid or fear—it's their secret weapon to defend against the risks that threaten to throw their projects off course. Your Journey Starts Here Keep reading to: Gain a deeper understanding of the risks Discover how you can safely navigate them Chart your course to greater productivity, higher profitability, and more successful projects. Trimble / Avoid the Hidden Dangers of Inaccurate & Incomplete Project Information / 02

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