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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS TRIMBLE HOLOTINT -- General -- What value does Trimble HoloTint provide? Trimble HoloTint is an attachable accessory for your HoloLens device that increases and stabilizes the contrast of holograms in bright environments. Trimble HoloTint features a photochromic lens that automatically adjusts its tint level based on the UV rays in ambient light, ensuring that contrast remains consistent as you move between different lighting conditions. This improves the visibility and readability of holographic content regardless of environment, including under UV-emitting artificial lighting. Will I be able to use my HoloLens device outdoors? Using Trimble HoloTint will increase the ability to use HoloLens outdoors in bright sunny conditions, but it does not solve for every scenario. Other limitations of HoloLens 2 and the Trimble XR10 should be considered, such as the optimal thermal operating range (10°C - 27°C, 50°F - 81°F) and ingress protection rating (IP50). Note that the HoloLens 2 and Trimble XR10 devices will still continue to function outside these ranges, though performance levels will degrade as temperatures rise and battery life will degrade as temperatures lower below the recommended range. Direct sunlight, particularly when shining head-on into the device, can impact the range at which depth sensing (area mapping and hand tracking) is responsive. These limitations can generally be mitigated using software, such as leveraging near-touch over far-touch in UI when possible. Will HoloTint work indoors or will I have to take it off? Depending on the environment, Trimble HoloTint will improve indoor experiences, though this is generally dependent on personal preference, the user-set brightness of the display, and the colors of the holographic content. When indoors, unless under strong UV-emitting light sources (or near windows), the lens will adjust to its minimum tint level (~45%) and still provide improved contrast. In dark environments, the minimum tint level might still provide too much tint and users may wish to remove HoloTint from their HoloLens. The device easily snaps on and off the HoloLens with no tools necessary after the initial installation.

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