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Trimble Field Technology - 3D Laser Scanner

Imagine starting a refit and renovation project with precise and accurate details of the as-built conditions already in hand? With Trimble’s 3D laser scanners, having no original drawings is not a problem. Knowing exactly what to expect before work starts, reduces design errors and costly field rework. You can also reap the rewards of having accurate as-built conditions for new construction projects and QA/QC it. This information is invaluable to owners and allows for reducing costs on future work. Scan the physical environment and capture accurate measurements for use in your design and detailing process. The registered point cloud data is invaluable in overcoming the usual challenges posed by refit and renovation projects. The built-in camera means the point cloud will be in full, photo-realistic, color. Trimble’s 3D Laser Scanners are the ultimate answer for contractors looking to tackle complex retrofit projects while meeting tight deadlines and maintaining profitability. For more information visit: